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Where is the üsküdar neighborhood of Istanbul?

Istanbul’s üsküdar neighborhood is bordered by Beykoz neighborhood to the north, Omraniye to the east, Ataşehir to the southeast, and Kadıkoy to the south. If you want to know its exact coordinates, we must say that the neighborhoods of Karakoy and Beşiktas are located opposite üsküdar and on the other side of the Bosphorus Strait. But what makes üsküdar an ideal and popular area for recreation and living? To answer this question, we need to talk a little about its current situation and its turbulent past.

Today, üsküdar is considered a coastal area and the transportation center of the Asian part of Istanbul, and its pier is one of the busiest and busiest piers. Wherever you are in Istanbul, you can easily reach üsküdar neighborhood and have a good time.


How to get to Istanbul’s üsküdar coastline?

The üsküdar area of Istanbul has the best access conditions among the neighborhoods of the Asian side. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the Asian side of Istanbul or the European side, it’s easy to get to üsküdar. So that you don’t have to worry about how to access this area, we will guide you from two parts of Istanbul.

If you want to go to üsküdar neighborhood from üsküdar Airport in the Asian part, you have two options:

You can take the SG-1 and 13 lines and reach üsküdar after about 2 hours. But if you want to be at your destination as quickly as possible, we suggest a taxi. A taxi covers the distance of 38 km from the airport to üsküdar in 40 minutes.

If you are in Kadıköy neighborhood of Istanbul, your work is easier. Buses and taxis will take you to üsküdar for an agreed fee.

If you are in the European part of Istanbul and your goal is to explore the üsküdar neighborhood, you can choose one of these options:

Get yourself to Beşiktaş,


or Karaköy pier, from there, go to üsküdar pier within 20 minutes by ferry.

You can also come to üsküdar from the European side with the help of the Istanbul Marmara Metro, which is one of the largest transportation projects in the world and passes under the sea and the Bosphorus Strait, and have a different experience.

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