Introducing Beykoz region


Introducing Beykoz region

Beykoz is a coastal area in the north of the Bosphorus Strait, next to the Black Sea and in the Asian part of Istanbul. In recent years, this area has become one of the most attractive and luxurious areas of Istanbul, and many wealthy Turkish people have houses and villas in this area. Bekoz is located near the Bogaz Bridge or the Bosphorus Bridge and has a very beautiful view of Istanbul.

Bekoz’s untouched greenery and its climate due to its proximity to the sea have made this area one of the most pleasant and peaceful areas in Istanbul. The Bekoz forest of Istanbul has also made this area one of the greenest and most pleasant areas in Istanbul.

The vast area of Bekoz consists of many small neighborhoods, which include the following neighborhoods:

📍 Acarlar neighborhood
📍 Akbaba neighborhood
📍 Ali Bahadir neighborhood
📍 Anadolu Hisari neighborhood
📍 Anadolu Kawai neighborhood
📍 Anadolufenri neighborhood
📍 Baklaci neighborhood
📍 Bozhaneh neighborhood
📍 çamli Bahche neighborhood
📍 çengel Dareh neighborhood
📍 çiftlik neighborhood
📍 My neighborhood
📍 çobuklo neighborhood
📍 Republic neighborhood
📍 Ski Valley neighborhood
📍 Financial district
📍 Fatih neighborhood
📍 Göksu neighborhood
📍 Golu neighborhood
📍 Gurel neighborhood
📍 Goztepe neighborhood
📍 Gokush Suyo neighborhood
📍 Incirkoi neighborhood
📍 Ishakli neighborhood
📍 Kanlica neighborhood
📍 Kavacik neighborhood
📍 Kaynarja neighborhood
📍 Kiliçeli neighborhood
📍 Mahmoud Shaukat Pasha neighborhood
📍 Center neighborhood
📍 Oomche neighborhood
📍 Orank Koi neighborhood
📍 Urtachashme neighborhood
📍 Pashabahce neighborhood
Pashamandira neighborhood
📍 Polonzkoy neighborhood
📍 Poyrazkoy neighborhood
📍 Riva neighborhood
📍 Roozerli Bahce neighborhood
📍 Souk Su neighborhood
📍 Tokat Koi neighborhood
📍 Yali Koi neighborhood
📍 Yavuz Salim neighborhood
📍 The neighborhood is the neighborhood
📍 Zarzavatchi neighborhood

History of Bekoz region

Bosphorus is one of the most important points and passages in the history of Istanbul. The Bosphorus is always full of fish and opportunities to plunder the rich communities around the Marmara Sea. For this reason, many immigrants have settled in the surrounding areas. During the Ottoman period, the land behind Bekoz was a free and forested area that was used for hunting by the sultans and the Ottoman court. The hunting resort in Küçüksu, which is now a district, and the springs and mosques that exist in the villages along the coast, remain from this era.

The word “Beykoz” is composed of two words “beyg” meaning prince or lord and “koz” meaning village. As mentioned, during the Ottoman period, the back land of this area was a place for hunting kings, that’s why it was named in this way.

Several famous factories such as glass factory, sculpture factory and shoe factory were established in the Beykoz region in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, but now they are closed and none of them are active.

Tourist Attractions

Natural waterfalls, beautiful sights, fertile lands, sea and green forest make Beykoz region just like a dreamy and legendary city. In addition to natural attractions, due to the rich history and antiquity of this area as well as its importance during the Ottoman Empire, there are also many historical tourist attractions in this area for Istanbul travelers, some of the most important of which are mentioned below.
Khedive Palace

The Khedive Palace is known as a neo-classical, neo-Islamic and neo-Ottoman work that was built in 1907 by an Italian architect named Delfo Seminati. The land area of this palace is about 1000 square meters and there are unique trees around it. Each of these trees is labeled and has its own genealogy. This palace is available for public visit and tourists can eat and drink in it and enjoy the unique architecture and beautiful interior decoration of this palace. If you are planning to travel to Istanbul, it is recommended not to miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful palace.
Anadolu Kavagi Castle

Anadolu Kavagi Castle is located in front of Rumli Hesar Castle and its construction dates back to the Eastern Roman era. In the history of this castle, it has always been used as a place for fishermen, and even now and after the passing of years, a large number of fishermen who come to Beykoz spend time in this castle and the cafes around it.
Small Palace of Istanbul

The construction of this palace dates back to the period of the Byzantine Empire and the year 1623. It is said that the builder of this palace was very interested in its building and for this reason he named it Ram “Silver Cedar Tree”. In the 17th and 18th centuries, extensive construction and renovations took place in this palace and its internal architecture was changed. This place was used for rest and hunting, and because of its beautiful view of the Bosphorus, it was chosen by the Ottoman kings for sightseeing, hunting, and rest. In 1992, the project to restore and change the use of this place began, and since 1996, it has been used as a museum palace and a historical tourist attraction.
Beykoz Forest Park

As mentioned, Beykoz Forest is one of the most beautiful and greenest tourist attractions in Istanbul. The forest park of this area is one of the popular places among tourists and local people to have fun and eat and drink in its many restaurants and cafes. Istanbulites use this cozy resort on weekends to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Kanlica village and beach

In Beykoz region, there is a historical and very beautiful village named Kanlica. which is very famous for its beach. The name of this village was Glavers (meaning seagull) in the past and it was very popular during the Ottoman period. Streets and old wooden houses, this village reminds you of traveling back in time. It is interesting to know that Kanlica yogurt is very famous and in most cafes and restaurants of this village Kanlica creamy yogurt is served with powdered sugar. In addition to yogurt, Kanlica pink milk is also famous, which is the milk of cows that graze on red pastures, which is why their milk has a pink color. The landscape of this village and the tranquility of the beach and its streets have provided an ideal place for relaxation and sightseeing.

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