Getting to know Bakırköy neighborhood of Istanbul and its features

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Istanbul is the largest and most spectacular city of Istanbul, which includes colorful neighborhoods with diverse characteristics. Every neighborhood of Istanbul with historical monuments and unique natural and tourism attractions brings the experience of a memorable trip to the travelers of this city. One of the most popular and popular areas of Istanbul is Bakırköy, which we will introduce in this article. If you have traveled to Istanbul and you intend to visit this neighborhood or you want to invest by buying a property in Bakırköy, Istanbul, stay with us.

History of Bakırköy neighborhood in Istanbul

Bakırköy neighborhood dates back to the Roman and Byzantine eras and has a very rich history. Bakırköy is very important in the Byzantine period because it was a political and military center. At that time, it was called Hebdomon. At that time, this green and pleasant neighborhood was used to spend the time of kings. In those days, this vacation area was called Ozone City village or remote village. After that, during the Ottoman Empire, this beautiful and coastal area reached its peak of popularity and today it has become a calm and carefree neighborhood to live in Turkey. . It is not bad to mention that the war between Ottoman and Russia happened in this neighborhood in 1877. Remains of the old wall of Istanbul can still be seen in this area. This old wall covered the city of Istanbul in the past and many parts of it have been destroyed over time. However, its remains are kept in Bakirkoy area and a part of it has been restored.

Features of Bakrkoy neighborhood

After going through a turbulent history, today Bakırköy is a prosperous residential and commercial town. This neighborhood is considered to be one of the most important entertainment neighborhoods and tourist attractions in Istanbul despite its unique climate near the sea and its large commercial complexes. Bakırköy neighborhood is one of the oldest parts of the city and is in the European part of Istanbul. Is located. Bakırköy region is formed from the southern part on the edge of the Marmara Sea coast and is located in the neighborhood of Lee Oller Garden from the north, Zeytinborno from the east, and Küçükçekmece from the west. All these neighborhoods were part of Bakırköy the past, but with the passage of time and the increase in population, the division of Istanbul’s neighborhoods changed.

As soon as you enter the historical neighborhood of Bakırköy, you feel the hustle and bustle of life. The different and old architecture of the city, wide and old streets and various local markets will excite you and without a doubt, visiting this neighborhood will be memorable for you. The amenities and standard of living in this neighborhood are high and one of its main features is numerous shopping centers. Various and local weekly markets and arcades in Bakırköy are an attractive entertainment for travelers and local people. Vali Efendi Equestrian Field, which is known as the largest and oldest horse racing track in Turkey, is also located in Bakırköy. Other important buildings in this area include Atatürk Airport, Istanbul World Trade Center and Atakoy Athletics Stadium.

As mentioned, in the past Bakırköy was used as a summer resort. For this reason, this area has many natural attractions. Among these natural attractions, we can mention the Atatürk Forest, Istanbul’s Florya beach and beach, Bakırköy Botanical Park, and Yeşilkoy Beach Park, which are recommended not to be missed.
Tourist attractions in Bakırköy district of Istanbul

Many historical and recreational attractions in this coastal area host tourists and visitors, some of the most important of which are:

📍 Bakırköy Freedom Square

📍 Istanbul Aquarium

📍 Charshi Mosque

📍 Armenian cemetery

📍 Atatürk Marine Mansion

📍 Luna Park Bakırköy

📍 Armenian Church

Bakırköy shopping centers

As mentioned, many shopping centers and business complexes in Bakırköy attract the attention of many tourists or residents of Istanbul who intend to shop. In the following, we will introduce some of the most important centers and their main features.
Marmara Forum shopping center

🔻 Luxury and modern building with special architecture
Various business units and stores of different brands
Many restaurants and cafes
Cinema hall
Children's playground and playground

Istanbul Galleria shopping center

🔻 Commercial center on the Marmara Sea coast
🔻 It has 134 business units including clothes, household appliances, cosmetics and toys
Food court, restaurant and cafe on the ground floor
Children's area and playground

Capacity shopping center

Bakırköy market on Saturday

Modern building
Representing the best brands in the world
Food court and restaurant

If you are interested in traditional markets or are looking for variety, it is recommended to visit Bakırköy traditional market on Saturday. Bakırköy Saturday market is the most famous traditional market in Istanbul, where you can have a cheap and economical purchase by browsing and searching. If you visit this market, it is recommended not to miss trying its traditional street food and enjoy eating unique, colorful and tasty food.

In addition to the mentioned, some other important passages in this area are Atrium Shopping Center, A Plus Ataköy Shopping Center, Flyin Shopping Center, Galleria Shopping Center.

Buying a house in bakirkoy, Istanbul

Bakırköy district of Istanbul has two general sections, which include luxury and newly built complexes by the sea and the Turkish section behind the coastal area. If you are planning to invest and buy a house in luxury and new construction complexes with a sea view, Bakırköy area can be a good option for you. This area has made significant progress over the past years and has become one of the most important economic and commercial hubs of Istanbul. If you want to receive information about buying a house in Bakırköy, Istanbul and receive advice about the growth of this area and investment in residential complexes in this area, you can contact our experienced consultants to help you buy property in different areas of Istanbul, including Bakırköy. guide

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