Galatasaray Museum

In 1868, when Galatasaray High School started its activities again with the Tanzimat movement, III. With the establishment of the History-i Tabiye Museum in the school with a stuffed mammoth, which was a gift from Napoleon, Galatasaray met the concept of museum. The General Assembly of Galatasaray Sports Club, which was held in a meeting hall in 1909 in French, stated the idea of “a museum where we will keep our memories in a corner of our school” as the aim and Ali Sami Yen, the number 1 founder of Galatasaray Sports Club, opened the first Galatasaray Museum in Kalamış in 1912. opened. In addition to the medals and trophies won until that day, there were historical photographs and documents, uniforms and plaques in the museum. Founder Ali Sami Yen, who received the news that the memories of Galatasaray Sports Club would be confiscated at the end of World War I, moved the museum to Galatasaray High School with the decision of the General Assembly dated 15 May 1919. There are 3500 trophies in total in the museum. Galatasaray Sports Club opened its new museum in Nef Stadium in 2018. Most of the trophies and plaques in the museum in Beyoğlu district have been moved to the new museum. Certain mugs are still exhibited in the museum in Beyoğlu.

on Display:
Münevver Eminoğlu is currently the director of Galatasaray Museum, which is Turkey’s first sports museum. On the first floor of the museum, the story of Galatasaray High School from its foundation to the present; there are many objects and photographs such as the uniforms of the students, the tools they use in the lessons; On the second floor, there are the most important trophies won since the establishment of Galatasaray Sports Club, Metin Oktay’s jersey and many photographs and sports equipment. On the third floor, there are administrative units.

The future of the museum:
The Galatasaray Museum was opened in the former Galatasaray Post Office building in Galatasaray in December 2009 under the name of Galatasaray University Culture and Art Center. The museum, which is open to visitors every day except Mondays, continues to be fully active. Another museum is the Sports Museum located in the newly built Ali Sami Yen Complex.

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