Everything about Başakşehir in Istanbul

باشاک شهیر

Başakşehir district of Istanbul is one of the European districts of Istanbul city, which was created in 2008 from the division of parts of Koçuk Cekmece, Buik Cekmece and Sneller and found its current form.

Basakshahir region is bordered by Arnavatkoy region from the north, Sultan Ghazi and Ayub Sultan region from the south, Sneller region from the east, Bajilar and Kuchuk Chekmjeh regions from the south, and Snivert and Avjilar from the west.
The historical background of Başakşehir dates back to the Ottoman period. When this area was established to meet the gunpowder needs of the Ottoman government, it became known as Azatlyk.

Among other historical places in Başakşehir region, Resneli Niyazi Farm can be mentioned as the first known settlement in Istanbul.

He also mentioned Yarımburgaz cave and damut dam to supply gunpowder water in this area.

There are generally 14 high schools, 21 elementary schools, 18 middle schools, 4 Anatolian high schools, 2 Imam Hatib high schools, 1 multi-program high school, and 6 technical and vocational high schools in the Başakşehir district of Istanbul.

Also, according to Law 558 of Private Education Institutions, the following institutions are also engaged in the field of education in Basakshahir region. Basakshahir, Istanbul

1- Anatolia Communication Vocational High School 2- Anatolia Health Vocational High School 3- Private Technical and Vocational High School 4- 10- Anatolia High School. 5-2 Science High School. 6- Science and Technology High School. 7- 22 private secondary schools. 8- 12 private primary schools. 9-10 private secondary schools, as well as 14 special driving centers for motor vehicle driving, 10 special education centers for students, 7 special rehabilitation education centers, and 5 dormitories for students.
In the field of transportation, one of the most important points that can be mentioned in the Basak Shahir region is the Ispartakule district railway station, which can be used by the city railway.

The main part of transportation to the region is done by the E80 highway and the railway. Istanbul Basaksehir

Also, the Kirazli-Başakşehir-Olympia metro line, which was officially opened on July 7, 2013, enabled metro transportation to the Atatürk Olympiad Stadium.

Thanks to this line, which is integrated with other rail systems, it is possible to access the rail system from Basak Shahir to Kartal. Basak Shahir Stanbo
The northern part of Bashakshahir region is covered with forest and the vegetation of this region consists of shrubs. Also, Resneli farm in Serezli Deresi valley is one of the important points that can be mentioned.

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