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Life In Türkiye company with 6 years of experience and consisting of the most experienced senior real estate and immigration legal consultants in line with:
1- Advice on buying, selling and renting new and second-hand properties in Turkey
2- Turkish citizenship advice
3- Advice on obtaining study, tourist and business residency in Turkey
4- Advice on starting a business in Turkey
5- Export and import consulting to Turkey
At the service of dear applicants. The main goal of this collection is always to advise foreigners to start living in Turkey. This company is a contracting party with all construction projects in Turkey and in addition, relying on Turkish real estate experts, it has an updated archive of second-hand files. Our company’s lawyers will be by your side in all stages of consultation.
Due to the need of foreigners living in Turkey to receive information and laws of this country, a group of legal and tourism consultants has been added to the collection, so that we can serve you dear companions in the matter of living in Turkey.
Hopefully, this site will answer all your needs.

Mehdi Esmaili, the founder and CEO of the collection

مهدی اسماعیلی mehdi esmaeeli

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